Amazing Art

In Year 4, we have been learning about complimentary colours in art and researching artists which used them in their paintings. We looked carefully at the work of Henri Matisse, noticing his use of colour.

We started by using primary colours, mixing them to create secondary and tertiary colours. We then learnt that complimentary colours are the colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel and are used to create bright, contrasting paintings.

We then experimented with different complimentary colours to find our favourite, looking for the two colours that worked well together.

Finally, we used our knowledge of complimentary colours to create a final piece. We sketched different flowers and painted them using colours we had mixed ourselves. Look at our wonderful display outside the classroom.

Welcome Back!

What a wonderful week Year 4 have had settling back into school! We have been working on routines, reflecting on our lockdown experiences and learning about our whole school value of this term – ‘Caring’.

Everyone has settled in really well and we are really impressed with how hard everyone has been working. This week we started reading our new story book in English – ‘Meerkat Mail’. We have enjoyed finding out where Sunny went on his travels and completed story maps to show his adventures.

Mrs Dempster and I have been so impressed with the way that all of Year 4 have returned to school. They have been so positive and have made a wonderful start to the new school year.

Well done for a great start back!

Miss Hawtin.