Harvest Performance

Above you will find our Year 4 harvest performance, you will need to enter the password provided separately to access the video. We hope you enjoy our singing and signing. Both me and Mrs Dempster were so proud of how the children practised, performed and coped with the new situation.

Super Science!

In Year 4, we have started our new topic all about plants. We have started learning about the different parts of a plant and the different parts of a flower. We have also began learning about their functions and why they are needed. We carefully pulled apart different plants and flowers to have a closer look.

Prior to this topic, Miss Hawtin gave all of Year 4 a sunflower plant that had just began to grow. This was so that we could have the experience of growing a plant before we started our science topic. It is great to see that some of us have done a super job of providing the plants with everything they need to grow and could even explain this to the rest of the class. For the children’s plants that didn’t grow we have reflected on why this may have been and we are going to use our plant knowledge from the topic to try again with another plant. Look at our sunflower plants.