Understanding Emotions

In Year 4, we have been learning about emotions and how they can change when things happen. We have talked about the different emotions we may feel and how this can make our body feel and react. We have learnt different strategy’s for copying when our feelings change and what we can do to help ourselves to regulate our own emotions.

This week, we discussed anger, what makes us angry and how it makes us feel. We also discussed what anger feels like within our body and how we know that it is anger we are feeling. After establishing what anger feels like, we discussed strategies which may make us calm again including counting to ten, deep breathing and concentrating on something else. We then made glitter jars to keep in class to help us when our emotions change, we discovered that watching the glitter swirling in the jar takes our mind away from the problem and allows us to calm. It was also very fun using lots of glitter to make them!

You could make one to help you when your feelings change. All you need is a plastic bottle, water, clear glue and glitter. You could also try using glitter glue. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Fantastic Fractions!

On Halloween, Year 4 were set a task to review the fairness of Smartie packs. We had to start by separating the packs into colours and working out the fractions of each colour. We then used our knowledge of adding fractions to find out whether the packs were fair. This was great practise for us.

We were very undecided whether or not they were fair as it depended on which our favourite colour was. Therefore, as a class we decided that the packs were not fair as they didn’t have an equal amount of each colour and as people have different favourites it would be best to have the same amount. Although, we did say that this wasn’t enough to put us off eating them in the future.