Amazing Art!

In Year 4, we have been learning about ceramics, including what materials are used and how different pots are made. We focused on making a slab pot, by cutting out squares of clay, decorating them and then joining them together. We started of by practising cutting out the squares and experimented with different tools to create different effects in the clay.

Once we had decided our decoration for the outside of the pot, we began making our slab pots. We cut out five square slabs, using a variety of tools and decorated them with our chosen pattern. We then joined our slabs together using a hatching method and a clay-water mixture called slip. We are now ready to paint our slab pots, check back to see photos of our finished product.

Welcome back Year 4!

It has been so lovely to have the children back in the classroom, following the Spring lockdown. They have enjoyed spending time with their friends and settling back into school routines. Since returning to school, we have been working really hard in all subject areas. Year 4 have been particularly engaged with rehearsing and performing their own version of ‘Chocolate Cake’ by Michael Rosen. We have also enjoyed fundraising for Comic Relief and celebrating World Book Day.

Last Friday, we completed activities, in our class, to raise money for Comic Relief. The theme this year was to ‘Raise a Smile’. In class we came up with our own jokes to share virtually with our Buddy Class. Reception also shared with us their funniest and silliest faces. It was a fun afternoon had by all with lots of giggles from the children and adults.

This week, Year 4 have been investigating the importance of brushing our teeth by examining the effects of different liquids on the enamel when left over time. We used eggs to replicate this and placed them in water, milk, orange juice, orange squash and coca cola. When setting up this investigation most of the children predicted that coca cola would damage the shell of the egg the most. However, when we examined the eggs after leaving them over 3 days, it was the egg in orange juice that had began to disintegrate. We spoke about how we could ensure that we drink a range of liquids to look after our teeth and decided it is best to ensure we drink some water throughout each day. Year 4 also realised the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day, to remove the liquid and stop it from damaging the enamel. Take a look at our investigation below.

Mrs Dempster and I have been so impressed with the children’s positive attitudes towards returning to school and settling into new routines. We are looking forward to a fantastic Summer term together.