Sports Day

On Wednesday 26th May, Year 3 and 4 took part in an upper Key Stage 2 sports day.

Each class took it it turns to participate in a number of events, while the other class acted as spectators.

The events that Year 4 were able to choose to take part in were the sprint, egg and spoon, skipping race, team hula hoop games, javelin and shotput.

After what seemed like many weeks of rain during rehearsals for sports day, we were extremely fortunate that on the day itself we had dry, sunny weather.

We would like to congratulate all of the children for their excellent efforts during sports day.

Design and Technology

This term ,in Year 4, we started a design and technology unit all about electricity. We started by learning all about electrical safety and how we can keep ourselves safe. We then looked at inputs and outputs on different electrical devices. During our last lesson, we experimented with making electrical circuits, recognising and naming different electrical components. We were all able to make the light in our circuit light up by ensuring there were no breaks in the circuit. During our next lessons, we will be adding different/more electrical components to make complex electrical circuits. Year 4 enjoyed making circuits with a partner and made it a competition to see who could light there circuit up first.